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Tree Cutting: Pruning vs. Removal

“Tree cutting” is a term frequently used by the public, yet it encapsulates a broad spectrum of activities that are far more nuanced than the phrase suggests. To the professional arborist or tree surgeon, these activities are categorised more precisely as tree pruning or tree removal. This article aims to shed light on these differences and discuss the importance of each practice in responsible tree care.

Tree Pruning: A Delicate Art

Tree pruning is a sophisticated form of tree cutting that involves selectively removing parts of a tree, such as branches, buds, or roots. The primary objectives of pruning include improving or maintaining the tree’s health, enhancing its appearance, and reducing the risk of falling branches. Pruning is an essential practice in arboriculture for several reasons:

  • Health: Removing diseased, damaged, or dead branches helps prevent the spread of pests and diseases and promotes the tree’s natural growth and healing processes.
  • Safety: By eliminating overgrown or weak branches, pruning reduces the risk of branches falling and causing injury or damage to property.
  • Aesthetics: Pruning can shape a tree to complement the landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a property.

Tree Removal: A Necessary Last Resort

Tree removal, on the other hand, is the complete extraction of a tree from its location. This procedure is generally considered a last resort and is carried out under circumstances where the tree poses a significant risk to people, property, or when it’s irreversibly diseased or damaged. Tree removal is a complex and potentially hazardous operation that requires meticulous planning, expertise, and specialised equipment.

Use of the term “Tree Cutting”
It goes without saying that any professional arborist or tree surgeon has the skills and expertise to cut a tree into pieces, and anybody with a chainsaw can do this to some degree. As such, professional firms will tend not to use this term when communicating about their services. As a general rule, most contractors who rave above their ability to cut trees are not arborists. Professional arborists will be more focused on explaining the benefits of various pruning techniques or identifying tree features which might justify a removal. 

In Summary
The term “tree cutting” might be a common starting point for many when they think about managing their trees, but as we’ve explored, professional arboriculture is a bit more nuanced. It’s about understanding the delicate balance between tree health, aesthetics, and safety, not merely cutting trees into pieces. Professional arborists and tree surgeons, armed with expertise and a deep respect for nature, focus on the sophisticated techniques of pruning and careful considerations for removal, rather than the simplistic act of cutting. This approach ensures the longevity and health of our urban forests and the safety of our communities. If your trees require skilled care that goes beyond the basics, reaching out to professionals who appreciate the art and science of arboriculture is your next step. Connect with us to ensure your trees are nurtured, managed, and maintained with the highest standards of professional tree care.



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Fancy Faces LtdFancy Faces Ltd
22:44 03 Mar 24
Fantastic job done by Tree King , would thoroughly recommend 🙂
Lynda MchughLynda Mchugh
01:41 19 Feb 24
Right from the beginning, the team at Tree King provided me with fantastic and confident service. I have a rental in Auckland and needed a large hedge trimmed. I could not meet them on-site as I no longer reside in the area. I found the service outstanding, with excellent communication throughout the quoting and finishing of the job. If you have a rental and need a team you can rely on, then Tree King is your people and very trustworthy.I recommend them to anyone. I will be using this company again. They know what they are doing and have excellent prices. Thank you.
Kay SandersKay Sanders
01:26 19 Feb 24
We had all good experiences right across the company. And we are very satisfied with the job and the men who came and did the job.
Willz YWillz Y
01:02 19 Feb 24
Nice job done with competitive price
Mark RoscoeMark Roscoe
23:36 10 Jan 24
Fantastic right from the initial contact. Online inquiry responded to within 24 hrs. Site visit within days and Job done with in a couple of weeks, even through we were right on Christmas and New Years. Job done right and clean was great.
Natalie HallidayNatalie Halliday
20:58 18 Sep 23
Tree King are our guys for any arborist work. The trees on our property are remnants of protected bush requiring precision and knowledge. Luke and the team are always professional and they have worked closely with the council to ensure the integrity of the trees are maintained.
Mike SMike S
23:42 24 Jul 23
Brilliant company to deal with. The team cut down a huge oak tree for us which had a good audience watching from the local café, then a big stump grind and the job was done, 2 days hard work completed from the team. We are very happy with the job you did for us and you are such a professional company to deal with. Thanks for everything.
Haps KaHaps Ka
23:34 06 Nov 22
Luke and the team were fantastic and were very professional. They gave a thorough written quote, went over and above to achieve what was agreed, and the boys did a fantastic job. They checked during and after to make sure we were happy with the work. I would certainly use their services again, and highly recommend them all!
Laurence Ho (Bluegray)Laurence Ho (Bluegray)
05:47 14 Oct 22
Tree King is really professional and efficient. And the price is reasonable. They came to my place and trimmed several trees as well as removed 1tree within few hours. They are really amazing and easy to communicate with.
Patrick CornfieldPatrick Cornfield
21:07 28 Jul 22
Very professional attitude to the business of trees. Quotation process, speed of arrival, and quality of the work were superb and well above the standard of other tradies we've dealt with. And what a great bunch of friendly guys doing the job. Totally loved their work ethic and ability to work in rough weather. Cute to serve them coffees on my deck - they so deserved them!
Carol WilsonCarol Wilson
00:33 24 May 22
Tree King were fabulous, they were easy to deal with on the phone. Came round to scope job and provide us a quote very quickly. They kept us updated constantly on expectation of timing for job completion and did the job much more quickly than originally anticipated. Staff all very friendly and helpful, and left the property very tidy. We couldn't ask for anything more.
Gerard MackleGerard Mackle
19:39 09 Mar 22
Luke, and his team are amazing, coming and removing two trees from my property and then grinding the stumps. I was really impressed. Great people to engage with, the lead of the team that came was brilliant checking with me what I needed and generally just making sure everything was done really well. He ensured that safety measures were in place, and that no other plant on my property was impacted. The professional way they went about the work, and these guys were true pleasure to watch as they clearly enjoyed their work. As an Executive Coach I watched with admiration at... the way they communicated and coached each other throughout the job. The site was left immaculate, and they cleaned everything from the driveway. It was as if the trees had never been there.Our job was a relatively small one, but all I can say is I’m glad I engaged Tree King, because from the time I contacted them, they assessed my job, gave me a very reasonable quote there were no surprises for me. They managed my expectations but exceeded them in delivery. Every step of the way this team was superb, and I recommend them completelyread more