hedge trimming

hedge trimming

Our team currently maintains some of Auckland’s largest hedges.  Hedge maintenance plans are the easiest way to keep your property looking a million dollars.

Hedge Trimming North Shore

the secret to thick, lush hedges

The secret to having a thick lush hedge is regular maintenance and trimming.  Regular trimming encourages new growth.  Hedges need light to grow, this can be achieved by thinning or reducing your hedge to stimulate growth in certain areas.  Depending on the species of hedge depends on how regularly they will need to be trimmed.  Regular hedge trimming dosnt just keep your property looking spic and span it is often no more expensive than only attacking it once every couple of years.  Unruly hedges are often much harder to deal to and can be an expensive process to get back under control.

How our hedge maintenance plans work

Free assessment,  no obligation, no contracts.

  • You have an unruly hedge that needs to be tamed so you give Tree King a call
  • One of our qualified Arborists will visit you and advise you on the best cause of action depending on your requirements and the species of your hedge. 
  • We will tailor a free maintenance plan to suit your needs this could be  3,4,6 or 12 monthly visits.
  • We will allocate you your dates for the year depending on the seasons and growth rates.  You are welcome to change this any time.
  • Our state of the art booking system will log your job and you will receive a booking reminder several days before we are due to visit.  No need to worry about missing that trim and your hedges getting away from you.
  • Your hedges will be trimmed by qualified arborists safely and efficiently.
  • We will clean up immaculately not just your property but any neighbouring properties that foliage could have fallen on.  
  • All foliage removed from site and recycled as arborist mulch.
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Hedge Trimming North Shore

But I only need a one-off job?

If a maintenance plan is not for you we also complete one-off jobs of all sizes wether this be a knee high buxus or a towering hedge that needs drastically reducing. Please call us today to find out how we can help.

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