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We are a team of passionate, qualified arborists, providing all aspects of tree work including tree pruning, tree removal, hedge trimming, section clearing, scrub mulching and mulch supply from our North Shore home base in Glenfield, to the North Shore, West and Central Auckland. We care about trees and work hard to revolutionise the New Zealand tree services industry through innovation, education and quality workmanship. Our friendly, professional crew and fully insured for your protection with an excellent safety record.



Trees offer many benefits such as shade, erosion control, wildlife, birds and privacy just to name a few. Tree pruning should be the first consideration when looking at managing trees in Auckland’s urban environment.  Tree kings mission is to help manage these trees for our clients so everyone can enjoy them.


Tree Kings tree removal teams are highly skilled climbing arborists and groundsmen. Tree removal can be very dangerous and should only be undertaken by experts.  Our skilled ropeman and cutting edge machinery means we can deal to all trees safely and efficiently with zero impact to surrounding structures.  We have $5,000,000 public liability insurance for everyone’s piece of mind.  All crew on site are qualified arborists or under apprenticeships.  Don’t attempt tree removal yourselves please call the Tree King experts it often is not as expensive as you think.

When a tree is removed you will be left with the stump still slightly above ground level. With our specialised stump grinding equipment we grind the stump and surface roots below ground level.  A standard grind of 100mm below ground is plenty for grassing an area or you can request complete removal of stump and surface roots.  Complete removal can be necessary when replanting in the same area or when building on a site.

Tree Kings new ‘Mega Mulch’ is a premium product that we have created from regrinding our  Arborist Mulch.  We put the aged mulch through a machine that uses screens to screen out the larger material and regrinding it leaving you with a finer uniformed product.

The secret to having a thick lush hedge is regular maintenance and trimming.  Regular trimming encourages new growth.  Hedges need light to grow, this can be achieved by thinning or reducing your hedge to stimulate growth in certain areas.  Depending on the species of hedge depends on how regularly they will need to be trimmed.  Regular hedge trimming dosnt just keep your property looking spic and span it is often no more expensive than only attacking it once every couple of years.  Unruly hedges are often much harder to deal to and can be an expensive process to get back under control.


Whether a residential section or a commercial site, we can clear the entire area of all undesirable trees and vegetation, including stumps. We use a variety of specialised tools including large branch chippers, mulching tractors, stump grinders and diggers to achieve this.

Palm trimming should generally be carried out at least once a year, sometimes more frequently to avoid damage from dead fronds when they fall off.  Palms shed fronds naturally as they grow and is not a sign that the tree is sick or dying.

We can trim any species of palm including smooth tall Queen palms and the spikey Phoenix palm.  Our skilled arborists can scale even the tallest palms without the need for a cherry picker.

Bamboo can take over a garden overnight and can be extremely hard to get on top of.  Tree King are experts in bamboo removal.  Our specialist disk chippers chip bamboo up finely enough that often there is no need to pay expensive tip fees.  We can even recycle this product by mixing it with other arborist mulch.

Tree King are all about sustainability and doing what we can to care for Auckland’s Urban Forest.  What better way to give back and help us with this cause than by planting a tree or hedgerow?  Our arborists can advise on what to plant, source the trees for you and then do the heavy work of planting them.  Once planted young trees need care so they can grow into large healthy specimens without the risk of having to be cut down due to poor branch structure.  Ask us about our maintenance plans and how we can help maintain these trees into the future.



We were contacted by 3 young entrepreneurs at Northcote Intermediate who were struggling with their Market day project which was to create chopping boards from a Macriocarpa tree trunk. They had been trying their best with a hand saw, however our chainsaw sliced through beautifully and we quickly had a stack of Macrocarpa slices ready for the boys to turn into their chopping boards!

They bagged up the chipping and created “Macrocarpa chip” for smokers and also some door stops! The boys were extremely thankful and invited us to see their stall and finished products at their market day! Within the first hour they had sold out of their larger chopping boards! Well done Oban, Lachlan and Taylor.





National Certificate in Arboriculture (Level 4 – Advanced)
Workplace assessor in Arboriculture

Luke started his arboricultural career straight out of school nearly 20 years ago in the UK where he made a name for himself as the youngest ever crew leader at First Call Trees. In 2008 he brought his skills and experience to New Zealand to broaden his career as an arborist.

Joining Tree King in 2010, he worked tirelessly to help establish the operation as one of Auckland’s most well-known and respected arboricultural firms, becoming the proud owner in 2017. When Luke is not quoting or working hard on the business he enjoys getting amongst the team and spending time on site training and upskilling the crews, even making an appearance in his harness every now and again.

Tree King has now become one of the leaders in New Zealand arboriculture, specialising in residential and commercial tree care. Luke, with the help and support from his team, strives to create an employee and customer experience that is second to none.

General Manager
NZIM Diploma in Management

Nicky has played an integral role in the administrative functions of Tree King since the company’s inception. Appointed General Manager at the beginning of 2023, she comes from a corporate background spanning industries such as security, health insurance, banking, in-home childcare, and building supplies.

With a diploma in management, Nicky is passionate about making Tree King a great place to work and the positive effect this has on customer experience.

When she’s not at work Nicky enjoys bushwalking with her dog, watching her son play sport, and exploring new places.

What do you like about the arboriculture industry?
I like the way arborists and others in the industry are passionate about what they do, it’s not just a job.

What has been your most memorable experience at Tree King?
I’ve enjoyed helping to develop process improvements and watching the business grow.

Admin Assitant
Bonnie joined the team in early 2022. Bonnie is the person ready to assist at the other end of the 0800 number. Keeping it in the family, Bonnie’s partner Jon is one of our crew leaders/quote managers!

Bonnie has worked in the early childhood sector, car sales and most recently ventured overseas as a Northern Lights tour guide in Canada!

Bonnie will be working alongside Nicky to help look after your customer needs from booking quotes to fixing issues that may arise, Bonnie looks forward to talking to you when we next hear from you!

Crew Coordination Manager
Andrew has been working with trees for over 10 years, joining Tree King at the beginning of 2018. As a skilled climber, tree-feller, stump grinder and general all-rounder, there is not much Andrew doesn’t have a hand in. He is a key member of the Auckland quoting team as well as one of our crew coordination managers. Andrew is a great problem solver, always going the extra mile for his clients.

While a great deal of his time is spent organising equipment, managing staff and monitoring our maintenance programmes, Andrew is not afraid to get his hands dirty and you’ll often find him on the crew “getting it done”.

When he’s not working he likes to spend time out on the water kayak-fishing with a few beers to keep him company. He is also a master of low and slow barbeque!

What made you choose Tree King?
I worked with Luke back when he was a contractor. I knew he was a great guy and figured his company would be a good place to work.

What do you like most about arb?
The variety of work, every day is different. There’s something very satisfying about a hard day’s work.

What has been your most memorable experience at Tree King?
On the morning of my 36th birthday I watched a helicopter lift out an entire pine tree I’d cut in a single piece, then spent the afternoon trimming a hedge.

Crew Coordination Manager
Jonathan has been working with trees for over 10 years, joining the Tree King team in 2019. He is part of the Auckland quoting team and one of our crew coordination managers. With qualifications in both gardening and arboriculture, Jon’s early career was spent providing maintenance services for high-end green spaces such as Government House and Ayrlies Garden. His attention to detail sets the bar high for all team members. He is also a great guy to have around when you need a large truck reversed down a tight driveway.

What do you like about working here?
I love how you get to give every aspect of the job a go. I’ve had so many opportunities to grow in what I want to do. When I started I was mostly trimming hedges but these days I’m mainly out scoping work and organising the crews.

What do you like most about arb?
Definitely the sound of a chainsaw! I like having the power to completely transform someone’s garden. It’s such a rewarding job.

How did you find out about arb as a career and why did you choose it?
It all started one Friday when my gardening boss asked me what I wanted to do for the arvo. At the time the arb crew were ringing up a big tree trunk so I asked if I could have a go on the chainsaw. Fell In love and never looked back.

What did you do before you were at Tree King? Do you ever draw on any of these skills for your arb work?
My gardening qualifications definitely play a huge part in being able to offer the full package to clients. When I’m out quoting I often get asked about what should be done in a particular area and I can give them good information about what plant will work well in different surroundings. I’ve also been a truck driver for a landscaping company so driving arb trucks is a walk-in-the-park.

What has been your most memorable experience at Tree King?
There’s definitely too many great memories to choose from. Just been a part of building the company from the ground to what we have now is amazing.

What do you do outside of work? What is your passion/hobby?
Lawns! Love a great lawn! And I also play hockey and raise my three children alongside my partner Bonnie.

Arborist Crew Leader

Marvin has been with us since leaving school in 2017. Over that time he has completed the level 4 certificate in arboriculture, becoming one of our top climbers and crew leaders. Aside from his work on-the-tools Marvin is heavily involved in our training and recruitment efforts. He has represented the company at national career events such as Tertiary Education Commission’s Inspiring the Future and the Auckland Business Chamber’s Career-a-thon where he was voted “Best Role Model”. In his spare time he enjoys writing music and spending time with his family.

What made you choose Tree King?
My mum just randomly found Luke’s number and I called up asking for a job. Turns out I was in the right place at the right time and I am still here today. The company has a great culture and I love the variety of different jobs. The teams always have good morale and it’s a great place to work.

What do you like most about arb?
Too much to pinpoint as it’s overall a sick and underrated industry, great for adrenaline junkies.

How did you find out about arb as a career and why did you choose it?
Just fell into it. Started learning from the first day I started and continue to this date.

What has been your most memorable experience at Tree King?
Too much to choose from. Probably the company’s first Helicopter job, that was pretty sick.

What do you do outside of work?
I enjoy making music and spending time with my wife and children.