Planning for stump grinding

We will make every effort to take as much care as possible and in most cases the location of underground services are far deeper than any stump grinding operation is likely to go. Our experience allows us to estimate most areas where your services are likely to be located.

Stump grinding – Owner’s Responsibilities

It is the direct responsibility of the property owner/manager to ascertain the location of all underground services. Therefore we accept no liability for any damage caused to these services during the grinding process.

You may need to check the position of:

  • Power cables
  • Water lines
  • Gas feed lines
  • Drainage and sewer pipes
  • Phone lines
  • Watering systems

Exposing services in sensitive areas (such as along the sides of driveways) by hand digging prior to ordering stump grinding is usually a good way to ensure nothing is damaged.


Removing a stump where replanting is anticipated will cost slightly more as a deeper grinding depth is required. If you are replanting consider what type of tree is best for the site. The following questions may help you decide.

  • Do you want light in winter and shade in summer? If so, choose a deciduous variety
  • What is the mature size of the tree that you are considering?
  • What is the soil and environment like? Choose a variety to suit
  • If planting close to fences or buildings select a tree that will not harm the foundations of either

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It was a ridiculously hot day and they worked virtually nonstop to get the job completed. It was done exactly as agreed, all timber stacked and manageable and the left tidy.

Worked virtually nonstop

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