Other stump grinding services

Stumpmaster can remove your unwanted roots and out of control Agapathis and Bamboo.

Root grinding

We are able to shorten and lower exposed surface roots that affect lawn mowing and even deeper roots lifting driveways or damaging foundations. We don’t advocate the use of this service where it will be harmful to the tree. It is not possible to do this within the drip line of protected trees as it is illegal. We are happy to stop by and give you a free assessment of whether root grinding is appropriate in your situation. Contact us now for a free quote>

Bamboo root removal

Our stump grinders are also ideally suited for bamboo root removal. This is a comparatively cheap and effective solution to get an area back into a usable state once the tops of the plant have been cut down and removed from site. We are able to grind right through the roots to the soil below.

Like all bamboo removal methods there is always potential that a small amount can re-shoot. This is especially true if there is more bamboo growing nearby. Any re-shoots should be immediately poisoned using Amitrol poison.

For total eradication we recommend cutting off the entire plant at ground level and thoroughly poisoning the roots until it is completely dead. To kill the plant will require multiple applications of a poison such as Amitrol or similar. Once the plant is dead get us in to grind out the roots so you can reuse the area of your garden.

Aganpathis removal

We have found stump grinding to work exceptionally well for Agapathis too. We are able to run the stump grinder through the entire plant; leaves, roots and all. The resulting mashed plant matter and soil is simply raked flat and will quickly biodegrade into great soil. The main advantage of this method is no tipping fees, directly saving you money. For an instant flawless finish a thin layer of topsoil can be laid over the top.

Tree King holds independently audited certification in Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. We are committed to maintaining the highest performance in all parts of our operation with a focus on continuous  improvement in our business systems.

Happy Clients

We have been working with Tree King for the last five years.  During this time we have found them efficient, co-operative and very safety conscience during any tree removal.  They are polite and professional to deal with.  We thoroughly recommend Tree King and its staff for a great job well done.

Sampson & Stewart Builders Ltd

Sampson & Stewart Builders Ltd

Health and Safety excellence

The health and safety of our staff, clients and community is of the highest importance to Tree King. Our robust systems are regularly audited internally and externally to maintain our excellent track record for workplace safety. We ensure continual improvement while maintaining industry relevance with the latest operational practices.