Tree Surgery

At Tree King we offer you a comprehensive range of arboricultural services.  From removal of large trees in confined areas to reductions, thinning, dead-wooding and all other types of pruning and trimming work.

Tree Removal

Large tree removal and pruning is our core focus at Tree King. We’ve invested heavily in training and equipment to ensure all our crews excel at this skilled work. This means you get a higher standard of work, a quicker turnaround and often a shaper price! Contact us now for a free quote>

The most commonly used method at Tree King is Sectional Felling. This is where the tree is dismantled into manageable pieces. Tree work can also be carried out via Crane Removal with cut pieces being lifted out with a crane.  Straight Felling (dropping the entire tree in one piece) is not used very often by Tree King due to the potential damage to the surroundings.

We recommend you take a minute to read over our Tree Protection Laws section. In the event that your tree requires consent. We are often able to arrange consent free of charge depending on the specific situation.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is vital to maintain a tree’s health and aesthetics. Best practice is to prune small amounts at regular intervals rather than removing large quantities of foliage all at once.

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Dead Wooding

As the name suggests, dead-wooding is the removal of dead branches from within a trees canopy. This is done for safety and the health and aesthetics of the tree.

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Crown reduction

A crown reduction is the reduction of the overall size of a tree. It is the only acceptable method of reducing overall tree size and should be used instead of Topping.

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Crown lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of a trees lower branches up to a set height. It is usually used to provide greater access for people, buildings or vehicles under a tree.

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Tree Thinning

Thinning is the reduction of crown density by removal of selected limbs. Most trees are thinned by a maximum of 30%.

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Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is where the upper branches of a tree are removed leaving a smaller stubby-looking tree which will then produce a dense top of new growth. Only certain species are suitable for this procedure.

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Tree King holds independently audited certification in Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. We are committed to maintaining the highest performance in all parts of our operation with a focus on continuous  improvement in our business systems.

Happy Clients

We have been working with Tree King for the last five years.  During this time we have found them efficient, co-operative and very safety conscience during any tree removal.  They are polite and professional to deal with.  We thoroughly recommend Tree King and its staff for a great job well done.

Sampson & Stewart Builders Ltd

Sampson & Stewart Builders Ltd

Health and Safety excellence

The health and safety of our staff, clients and community is of the highest importance to Tree King. Our robust systems are regularly audited internally and externally to maintain our excellent track record for workplace safety. We ensure continual improvement while maintaining industry relevance with the latest operational practices.