Tree Pruning

Pruning is vital to maintain a tree’s health and aesthetics. It is best to prune small amounts at regular intervals rather than removing large quantities of foliage infrequently.

Removal of a trees larger branches should be avoided wherever possible. Multiple smaller cuts are preferable as they are much easier for the tree to heal compared to large wounds. Determining which limbs to cut and where to cut them can be a complex process and should be left to professionals. A tree pruned incorrectly may never recover.

Tree King’s tree work is in accordance with the latest arboriculture codes of practice. Our tree pruning service is carried out with the latest equipment and methods suggested by our experienced arborists. Large limbs are removed using the triple-cut method shown in the top illustration to the right. This minimises the chance that limbs and bark will tear leaving an unsightly wound that will not heal properly putting the trees health at risk.

Limbs to be removed are taken back to the branch collar as shown in the bottom illustration to the right. Care is taken not to damage the collar allowing for fast healing of the wound with callus tissue. The top of the illustration shows a partially healed cut from past pruning. This will eventually close up completely, sealing the wound. Historically, paint, sealer and even sheets of metal were used to try to help seal wounds. This has since been proved ineffective and the practice is no longer utilised.

Using the latest lowering and rigging techniques

Where necessary, cut branches are lowered to the ground using ropes and pulleys. This prevents damage to the trees lower branches as well as any other objects below. Tree King arborists are trained in the latest lowering and rigging techniques including more complex methods utilising speed-lines. This allows us to get your job done in the most time efficient way possible while minimising damage to surroundings and the need for heavy equipment. Contact us now for a free quote>

The video opposite shows the pruning of a very large pine over the roofs of houses. Notice the rigging and lowering of branches to avoid damage to property.

Tree King holds independently audited certification in Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. We are committed to maintaining the highest performance in all parts of our operation with a focus on continuous  improvement in our business systems.

Happy Clients

We had Tree King remove and stump grind a couple of mature queen palms. They were located at the back of the property and one was up on a bank and hard to get to. The guys did a great job without damaging any of the surrounding garden, fence or our roof! Communication was excellent, both in relation to the initial quote and arranging a time to do the job. Would highly recommend.


Stump grind queen palms

Health and Safety excellence

The health and safety of our staff, clients and community is of the highest importance to Tree King. Our robust systems are regularly audited internally and externally to maintain our excellent track record for workplace safety. We ensure continual improvement while maintaining industry relevance with the latest operational practices.