Dead-wooding is the removal of dead branches from within a trees canopy. This is done for general safety and the health and aesthetics of the tree.

Without dead-wooding dead branches will simply break off and fall to the ground at random posing risk to persons and property. Until they fall the dead branches will become unsightly and some will break off and become entangled within the canopy. The dead branches are cut back to the branch collar with extreme care taken not to damage it.

Dead-wooding is usually done annually and combined with thinning and removal of epicormic growth (growth from a previously dormant bud). Like all pruning it is best to have dead-wooding done regularly. Contact us now for a free quote>

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Happy Clients

We had Tree King remove and stump grind a couple of mature queen palms. They were located at the back of the property and one was up on a bank and hard to get to. The guys did a great job without damaging any of the surrounding garden, fence or our roof! Communication was excellent, both in relation to the initial quote and arranging a time to do the job. Would highly recommend.


Stump grind queen palms

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