Crown reduction

A crown reduction is the reduction of the overall size of a tree. It is the only acceptable method for reducing tree size and should be used instead of topping.

The objective is to make multiple small cuts shortening the trees branches to appropriate laterals leaving the outer edge of the new smaller canopy intact. When done properly the finished tree should look natural and the pruning cuts should not be too obvious when viewed at a distance.

Generally, the maximum that any tree can be reduced in a crown reduction is 30%. Most trees cannot be reduced by this much and some species are not appropriate for any crown reduction work. We will assess what can be done to your tree at the time of quoting.

An important question to ask is why you want to reduce your trees size. Many people will mistakenly opt for crown reduction because they are worried the tree might blow on to their house or because they want more light. In these situations general thinning is often much more appropriate. We are happy to work with you to figure out the best way to achieve your desired results. Contact us now for a free quote>

Tree King Crown Reduction
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