Crown lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the trees lower branches up to a set height. It is usually used to provide greater access for people, buildings or vehicles under a tree.

As a general rule a trees crown can be lifted a maximum of approximately 25% of the trees total height depending on the species.

Crown lifting can often work really well to improve the light for a property. For large trees it can be a lot more effective than height reduction as it will allow the sun to shine through from underneath.

Sometimes a crown lifting can be combined with other forms of pruning to achieve your desired results. We’re happy to assess your trees free of charge to help decide what will be appropriate.

The photos below show a large Totara over a house which has been thinned and had its crown lifted. Notice how the natural shape of the tree has been maintained while still providing plenty of clearance for the house and aerials below. Contact us now for a free quote>

Tree King Crown Lift
Tree King Crown lift Before
Tree King Crown lift After
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Happy Clients

Would like to thank the team of guys who cut down the trees on my property. Totally professional, and obliging.  Everything they did was well done, and as a team they worked very well together.  The neighbour next door who allowed us access to his property was well impressed with what they did. We all watched this amazing work in progress.  We would really like the guys to know how pleased we were.


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