Branch chipping

The benefits of chipping far outweigh using skip bins or taking the material to the tip. It is usually more cost effective too. We are able to leave chips on your site or remove them after chipping.

What can be chipped?

Chipping is most suitable for branches. We can also chip bamboo, hedge trimmings, palm fronds, and sliced palm trunks. We cannot chip rubbish, flax, stumps and roots, soil, vines, succulents, composted material, timber, building materials, stones, concrete or similar.


There is no hourly rate for chipping. We will assess the job and give you a written quote so there are no surprises. Trying to compare hourly rates for chipping is problematic due to variations in crew numbers and machine size. A full crew feeding a large chipper are likely to process 10 times as much material per hour as the same crew feeding a small chipper.

Stacking Branches

The best way to keep chipping cost effective is to stack your branches correctly. In a proper stack all branches must be facing the same way in the direction they will be dragged (stumps facing where the chipper will be). It is also very important that the branches on the front of the pile are on top of the ones on the rear (the last branches added to the pile should be the first ones that are going to come off).

The closer the branches are to the chipper the easier it will be to chip them. A pile of branches sitting on the driveway is going to be far cheaper to chip than one that has to be dragged a long distance to the machine. Do not use an excavator to stack your branches or push your branch piles around your site. Chippers cannot handle dirt and clay mixed up with the branches. If the branch piles are filled with dirt it is likely they will no longer be suitable for chipping.

Thorny and spiky material can be chipped but it must be stacked separately and not mixed in with the other piles. If large amounts of this sort of material has to be sorted from the main piles it will add cost and slow the whole job down considerably.

Our Machines

All our chippers are a minimum of 12″ capacity (will chip a 12″ log) and are the latest drum-style machines allowing us to process difficult material such as bamboo. All chippers are towed behind trucks so there will need to be space to park a truck and trailer nearby. Our machines are brand new so we won’t let you down with constant breakdowns. In comparison, the machines you rent from Hirepool are usually a maximum of 4″ capacity and have had many years of abuse limiting their effectiveness. Contact us now for a free quote>

Tracked chipper

The tracked chipper is a self-propelled chipper on tracks similar to a digger rather than mounted to a trailer like conventional machines. This means we can simply drive this chipper up paths, through bush or into the back of your section to chip foliage where it falls. This will save you both time and money. These machines are new to New Zealand with just a couple of others in Auckland.


At Tree King we are able to provide branch chipping services directly to other contractors including other tree companies.

Tree King Chipper on wharf
Tree King 990 winch
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Happy Clients

We had Tree King remove and stump grind a couple of mature queen palms. They were located at the back of the property and one was up on a bank and hard to get to. The guys did a great job without damaging any of the surrounding garden, fence or our roof! Communication was excellent, both in relation to the initial quote and arranging a time to do the job. Would highly recommend.


Stump grind queen palms

Health and Safety excellence

The health and safety of our staff, clients and community is of the highest importance to Tree King. Our robust systems are regularly audited internally and externally to maintain our excellent track record for workplace safety. We ensure continual improvement while maintaining industry relevance with the latest operational practices.