Expanded coverage – Tree services in Whangaparaoa

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Tree King now covers the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and surrounding areas such as Wainui, Orewa, Hatfields Beach, Kaukapakapa, Stillwater, Millwater and Dairy Flat. We have a new depot opening in Silverdale to help service these areas.
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45m pines removed from amongst native bush using Jensen tracked chipper

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This job involved carefully dismantling two very large, mature radiata pines from amongst native bush in Greenhithe on Auckland’s North Shore.
A great deal of care was required to take all practicable steps to minimise damage to the surrounding bush.

There was zero access for heavy equipment or cranes so both trees had to be climbed and rigged. It was not possible to leave the cut branches stacked in the bush (habitating) as commonly done due to limited space and the presence of a stream which would have been blocked by the debris.

Our solution was to chip everything on site and spray the chip straight into the bush using our tracked chipper. The tracked chipper had to be lowered down a steep bank on a neighbouring property where we then navigated the machine through the trees and across a temporary bridge to arrive at the work zone. The entire job was completed with just a small drop zone being cleared immediately next to the pines.

The trunks of the pines (which were too big to chip) were left intact amongst the trees where the will rot and help create habitats for birds and insects. The large quantity of wood chips produced allowed the finished site to be left very tidy, resembling a beautifully mulched garden in a park or playground.

Large tree removal using rigging equipment

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This large tree removal job was close to the driveway but in order to prevent damage to the retaining wall beneath, a large portion of the tree had be lowered carefully using our specialised rigging equipment. The size of the branches meant that if they were simply cut and left to fall significant damage likely would have occurred. As you can see from the video, an experienced crew and qualified arborists can perform this kind of operation very efficiently, eliminating the need to cut corners and take unnecessary risks.

Pine removal – Tree King

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This pine removal job was carried out due to the tree becoming dangerous. Removal was selected over pruning due to the tree’s proximity to the school’s tennis courts and the risk that falling branches could pose to students.

The method used in this video is referred to as sectional dismantling. This is the most common method for large tree removals in urban areas. The job took approximately one day with a three man crew. All branches were chipped and the trunk was cut into rings and left on site.

Two times 40m tree removal – North Shore

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This very large Norfolk pine and Eucalyptus were removed from a property in Campbells Bay on Aucland’s North Shore. As both trees were close together we were able to use the trunk of the Norfolk pine as a rigging point to swing the large limbs of the gum safely away from the climber and then down to the ground in a controlled fashion.

This kind of rigging operation can be carried out without a second tree if necessary. Dismantling the tree is such big pieces can only be done by a very experienced climber and required the use of heavy duty rigging equipment due to the forces involved.

In this case we opted to fell the trunks of both trees in one piece rather than in sections as this was a safer option than cutting them into sections and lowering them like the branches.

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Pine removal in Hillcrest – Tree King

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This large pine tree was removed after complaints from local residents that branches and pine cones were falling on their houses and cars. The tree was close to the street on a low volume cul de sac. The nice, clear area beneath the tree made this job competitively simple to dismantle despite its large size

Very large pine tree removal – Auckland

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This very large pine tree removal is one of the largest we have done here at tree king. The total height was not measured but the base of the tree was over two meters across. As you can see in the video the trunk spit in several huge leaders which grew straight up like individual trees.

Thankfully, the drop zone below was fairly clear and most branches were able to be simply dropped to the ground without rigging. The job still took multiple days with our two best climbers and five ton excavator working on the ground.

This was a private job where Tree King obtained resource consent from the council on behalf of the client. Even though the pine tree was very large and protected, gaining resource consent for its removal was quite simple. If you have a similar tree in which you aren’t sure if you can remove legally, give us a call for free advice and a quote for pine tree removal.

Tight Access Tree Removal – Tree King

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This tight access tree removal job in Albany was particularly awkward due to the very narrow space between the house and the fence into which all the branches and wood needed to be lowered. Once on the ground every piece had to be cut into short lengths and carried around the corner of the house and down a narrow corridor next to a retaining wall.

North Shore Tree Removal – Tree King

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This North Shore tree removal job was carried out several years ago in Northcross. Some light rigging was required to lower limbs over fences and other obstacles. The availability of lots of open space to work with made this job fairly straight forward. The species of tree being worked on here is called a casuarina or sheoak.

Commercial land clearing in Auckland

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This commercial land clearing job involved the removal of 36 large poplar trees from a motel site in Mangere.

The trees were felled and stacked using excavators over the course of several days and then chipped in a matter of hours with a very large whole-tree chipper. The woodchip produced was very high quality due to the high proportion of wood that was chipped. This was left on site to be used later in other parts of the project.

Tree- King Tracked-chipper-in-bush

New Tracked chipper

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New Tracked chipper

Tree King has just taken possession of a new tracked chipper. This machine is self propelled on tracks similar to a digger rather than mounted to a trailer like conventional machines. This means we can simply drive the chipper up paths, through bush or into the back of sections to chip foliage where it falls rather than dragging material out to the street or driveway. This will save our clients a lot on money on some jobs. These machines are new to NZ with just a couple of others in Auckland.


New Tree King truck for mulch transport

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Tree King would like to welcome a new vehicle to our fleet. This custom built 2012 Mitsubishi Fighter comes loaded with special features to make sure your jobs are completed as efficiently as possible. Large capacity virtually eliminates the need for multiple dump trips during the day and the modern engine produces more power with less emissions, minimising our carbon footprint. The tipping bin of this truck holds a massive 14m3 making it perfect for mulch transport