Q: What areas do you cover in Auckland?
A: Tree King is based on Auckland’s North Shore. In order to remain competitive for our residential customers we only operate within an approximate 10km radius of our yard in Rosedale. This covers the whole of the North Shore, west as far as Massey East, and North as far as Dairy Flat and Okura. For larger scale commercial jobs we will travel outside this area. Our yard in Silverdale services surrounding areas such as Whangaparaoa, Orewa, Wainui and Kaukapakapa.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. Tree King carries  two million dollars public liability insurance.

Q: What kind of work do you mainly do?
A: At Tree King our main speciality is large tree removals and pruning in difficult locations. If you’ve got a tree no one else can do, give us a call.

Q: If it is raining will my job still be carried out as planned?
A: Yes, unless it is unsafe to do so, your job will be carried out as scheduled, rain or shine.

Q: Do you give free quotes?
A: Yes, all customers receive a no obligation free quote. Contact us to arrange.

Q: Can I add items to the job after it has been quoted?
A: Yes, just ask the crew leader to price up any extra work you want done on the day.

Q: Why won’t you top my tree?
A: Topping is extremely bad practice and is no longer carried out by qualified arborists. We take pride in what we do and the good name the company has earned. We therefore choose not to risk damage to our reputation by performing such work. Read more about the bad practice of tree topping.

Q: Is there a minimum charge?
A: Yes, there is a minimum charge however charges will vary depending on the difficulty, risk, complexity and duration of the job. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Q: Will the people carrying out my job be qualified?
A: Yes, every tree job is headed by a qualified arborist who will supervise all work carried out on your site. Presently, all our crew members are either fully qualified or in training.

Q: Are my trees protected?
A: Tree protection laws went through major changes in January 2012. Contrary to popular belief, many trees throughout Auckland are still protected, especially on the North Shore. Protection status varies significantly depending on your zone and area. Read more about tree protection.

Q: Can you leave the firewood from a job?
A: Yes, firewood can be left on site and we are happy to cut it up ready to be split. Please discuss this at the time of quoting.

Q: When is the best time of year to prune my trees?
A: The best time for pruning is generally the winter months when the tree is in a dormant state but this can vary depending on species.

Q: When is the best time of year to remove a tree?
A: If the tree is to be completely removed the time of year is irrelevant.

Q: Do you have anyone you would recommend for fencing, retaining and landscaping?
A: Yes, we work in with a number of companies that offer these services and we would be more than happy to offer a recommendation.

Q: If I cut what I can myself will this make the job cheaper.
A: This is unlikely to reduce the price, especially if a firm quote has already been given. Depending on how the cut branches have been stacked it may even increase the cost of the job. We strongly recommend just leaving it to us.

Q: How much do your trucks weigh and will they break my driveway?
A: Our trucks are between 3 and 6 tons when empty. Fully loaded our largest largest truck weighs up to approximately 11 tons. We have had no issues with broken driveways as most are built to handle these weights.

Q: Why won’t you discount your price for cash?
A: At Tree King we pride ourselves on the honesty and integrity of the company. Knocking off the cost of GST for cash payment is tax evasion, which is illegal.

Q: What’s your hourly rate?
A: We do not have an hourly rate as quoting per hour can be very misleading for general tree work due to varying methods, crew sizes and machinery capabilities. Hourly rates should only be used when the scope of the work is unclear. Be wary of anyone who quotes you a ‘per hour’ price in an instance where the full scope of the job is clear. For example a tree removal.

Q: Do you offer coupons and discount vouchers?
A: No, we offer exceptional services at reasonable prices so coupons and discount vouchers are not necessary to attract customers.

Q: Is your price negotiable?
A: Generally no, our prices are carefully worked out based on our costs so please don’t waste your time trying to haggle. Sometimes the scope of the work can be changed to make the job more affordable if price in an issue. Please discuss this at the time of quoting.