Commercial hedge trimming

Our hedge team is able to handle hedges of any size or length. Our largest to date is a 5 m tall by 200 m long Casuarina hedge at a corporate headquarters in Ponsonby.

We currently perform regular trimming at shopping centres, business premises and schools throughout the Auckland region. We utilise the latest equipment to get your job done quickly with minimum disruption to daily business activities. We can even perform trimming after hours or on Saturdays in some circumstances.

We have an assortment of ladders and have access to cherry pickers and other raised working platforms where required. We can manage traffic control for roadside hedge work or areas where car parks must be cordoned off. Contact us now for a free quote>

Auckland wide commercial services

Tree King provides you with all the advantages of a single supplier relationship for your arboricultural, site development and vegetation management needs across the greater Auckland region.

Tree King holds independently audited certification in Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. We are committed to maintaining the highest performance in all parts of our operation with a focus on continuous  improvement in our business systems.

Happy Clients

Would like to thank the team of guys who cut down the trees on my property. Totally professional, and obliging.  Everything they did was well done, and as a team they worked very well together.  The neighbour next door who allowed us access to his property was well impressed with what they did. We all watched this amazing work in progress.  We would really like the guys to know how pleased we were.


Tree removal

Health and Safety excellence

The health and safety of our staff, clients and community is of the highest importance to Tree King. Our robust systems are regularly audited internally and externally to maintain our excellent track record for workplace safety. We ensure continual improvement while maintaining industry relevance with the latest operational practices.