Commercial mulch

Tree King supplies and delivers their superior quality aged mulch right to your site.

Environmentally ethical mulch

We do not cut down trees or purchase timber just to make mulch. All Tree King Mulch is made from our commercial tree felling operations so Tree King Mulch is the environmentally friendly organic mulch choice.

Quality guaranteed

Tree King’s organic garden mulch contains no treated timber, nails, building waste, palm, bamboo or flax. Tree King Mulch is made from consistently sized wood chips and is produced by us especially for you, so we know exactly what goes into our superior aged mulch. The finish product is a good mixture of chip mulch and leaf mulch. The high proportion of wood from the chip mulch breaks down slowly so the mulch will last longer while the leaf chip portion breaks down quickly to provide immediate nutrients to your soil and plants.

Aged mulch protects your plants

Tree King’s quality garden mulch is aged especially to reduce the nitrogen demand on your plants. Tree King Mulch protects the soil quality and stops your plants from being damaged. Tree King Mulch is also ideal for exposed or sloping sites which need an interlocked mulch to reduce risk of slippage.

Benefits of Tree King Mulch

– Economical
– Great weed control/suppression
– Environmentally friendly
– Good for soil moisture retention and temperature moderation
– Natural looking and decomposes back into the soil similar to natural environment
– Nutrients will help feed the landscape

Commercial Customers and large volumes

We stock large quantities of our superior quality, aged mulch and are able to supply up to several hundred cubic meters at a time. We are happy to load your trucks for larger loads.  We can also deliver outside the 20km limit for orders over 42 cubic meters. We hold up 2000m3 on site at our Albany location and can arrange delivery of a similar product for special projects if our stock is insufficient. Please call us to discuss your requirements or email us now for a free quote>

Meet council requirements

Tree King’s garden chip mulch is suitable for most council requirements where it is to be used in conjunction with planting plans on subdivisions and developments. The low cost of the product makes it the perfect choice where mulching is a requirement. Our mulch is used by council contractors on council projects.

Fill your trucks

We are able to fill the trucks of our commercial clients from our Albany site. This can save time if our trucks are unavailable or can be useful when 4×4 trucks or similar are required.

Safe and tidy delivery trucks

All our trucks are late model, warranted, registered and insured. They are also designed to carry mulch so even a small truck can carry large volumes. Our 14m3 truck is still only a four wheeler.

Pricing Details

Low cost with FREE DELIVERY within 10km of our yard Tree King Mulch is a great deal. This low cost mulch option can be as little as one third the price of pine bark or artificially coloured mulches and it’s better for your plants. At present we are offering 6m3 and 14m3 loads. Mulch inspections are welcome at our commercial yard, located at 9 Paul Matthews Road, Albany, Auckland.

Easy payment options including Visa & Mastercard.

6m3 Load @ $240
14m3 Load @ $400

Call us now on 0800 873 354 to arrange your delivery or make an enquiry

*All deliveries over 10km incur a cost of $50 per load – a “load” is 14m3 or less
**All mulch pricing include GST

Tree King holds independently audited certification in Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. We are committed to maintaining the highest performance in all parts of our operation with a focus on continuous  improvement in our business systems.

Happy Clients

We have been working with Tree King for the last five years.  During this time we have found them efficient, co-operative and very safety conscience during any tree removal.  They are polite and professional to deal with.  We thoroughly recommend Tree King and its staff for a great job well done.

Sampson & Stewart Builders Ltd

Sampson & Stewart Builders Ltd

Health and Safety excellence

The health and safety of our staff, clients and community is of the highest importance to Tree King. Our robust systems are regularly audited internally and externally to maintain our excellent track record for workplace safety. We ensure continual improvement while maintaining industry relevance with the latest operational practices.