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Phoenix Palm Removal

Pheonix PalmPhoenix Palms can be a bit of a pest here in New Zealand due to their fast growth and propensity to spread by dropping seeds. The plant is on the the list of environmentally damaging plants which means in most cases they can be removed without resource consent regardless of size. Although a good specimen can make a grand garden ornament, many customers opt for removal due to their dangerous spiky fronds and high pruning costs when they get large.
Removal is a challenging task due to the plant's spines, and the unhygienic nests of pigeons and rats that frequently occupy the canopy. For health and safety reasons, manually climbing these palms is considered an absolute last resort. More preferable methods for removal are straight felling, cranes and aeriel lifts such as cherry pickers.

These palms are a lot easier to deal with when they are small so if yours is in an inappropriate place we suggest you act now!

The photo to the right shows two enormous palms about to be lifted over the roof of the building using a 100 ton crane. This is an extreme example and cranes are not always necessary, however, this job would have been near impossible without one.

Where possible we try to use a hiab as shown in the time lapse video above. This is much safer, tidier and quicker than removal by manual climbing.

See more videos on our Facebook page.

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